Yeah I know, I’m basically the worst RPer ever right now.

In all honesty, I just haven’t had time. It’s the worst excuse in the book, but it’s the truth. While senior year was supposed to be a breeze, all of my teachers are piling on work and projects that obviously come before roleplaying and other things. I’m still trying to figure out college, and I am extremely involved with dance at my school that basically runs my life.

I know there’s a lot of people who have looked forward to me and Eric’s threads, and to you (as well as Eric) I really am sorry. I can’t promise when I’ll be able to get on again, but please know that I haven’t left for good.

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Peter Pan & Ariel | Peter Meets Hayden


Peter and Ariel have been through this so many times before. Hayden isn’t going to Neverland. Hayden is too young. Hayden is going to be a grownup. Hayden this, Hayden that. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. He had heard it all before. In fact, Peter would go back to Neverland and mimic the princess’s voice, making the Lost Boys and himself laugh.

He didn’t understand what Ariel had against her son that she’s making him grow up. He didn’t understand why Ariel was so against Neverland, either. Neverland was such a wonderful and magical island where children could encounter countless joys, wonders, and adventures. All in all, a much more exciting place than school. And Peter would bet that schools didn’t teach kids how to fight pirates.

"Can’t he just come for one day?" Peter tried pleading his case once more. He looked down at the baby held in Ariel’s arms. Hayden sure was small. Neverland probably wasn’t the best place for him at the moment, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t visit the island in the future. "But when he’s a little bigger. And doesn’t drool on everything…" Peter trailed off, noticing some drool pouring out of the baby’s mouth. Peter scrunched up his nose, a bit disgusted at the sight. He wasn’t really familiar with how babies, you know, function on a daily basis. The youngest on the island was Tootles. He sucked his thumb sometimes, but he could still walk and shoot an arrow. And although Peter called Captain Hook a baby, he wasn’t actually one. (Well…. that’s still up for debate.)

"Uh…. so, does he do that all the time?" the boy asked curiously, still hung up on the drool. "Do babies do anything?"

Ariel let out another sigh, feeling a bit annoyed but knowing the boy meant well. She cleared her throat and replied calmly, “Peter, you know he can’t. He’s much too little now, and when he’s older…” To be honest, Ariel just didn’t want Hayden to want to go to Neverland. Though it had its dangers, Ariel knew that, should Hayden go, he would be safe. But what if he went and he wanted to stay there? What if he ended up not liking his parents? Sure, she and Eric had raised Melody well, but that didn’t mean that Ariel couldn’t mess up. She never had a human childhood. For the most part, when Melody was younger, Eric taught her all of the basics that humans had to be taught, considering that Ariel hadn’t gone through that. Now, with her second child, she wanted to be more involved. She wanted to be able to teach him how to walk and how to crawl and how to recognize different aspects of the world around him. But if she attempted that, there were risks that she would mess everything up…

Her thoughts were rambling on, and she shook her head a bit to refocus. She felt that she was frowning, so she straightened up, relaxed her face, and looked back up at Peter, then down at Hayden, who was, in fact, drooling. She chuckled and leaned over to the nightstand, grabbing his baby cloth that was resting there. Wiping the mess from his face, Ariel put the cloth back down on the bed and said to Peter, “Well, I guess not much right now. He isn’t strong enough to do things like you and I can.”

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Eric & Ariel | The Little Mermaid: Tour of the Kingdom


                           Eric bounced on the balls of his feet, his eyes capturing the hazy orange sunrise. With his hands clasped in front of him, a shaky breath escaped his lips. Why did he feel nervous. He’s presented the town to other maiden’s in the past, but that was just formalities. He felt like he couldn’t show all of himself to them, lest he be ridiculed or mocked. Yet, with the mute maiden by his side, he felt like he could wholly express himself with her.

                           A smile graced the corners of his lips, growing more zealous of the tour. His brows furrowed, peeking behind himself and gazing at the palace’s front doors. Its intricate design stared dully back at him, not budging. He heaved a deflated sigh. Maybe he woke up and got ready too early, but the town comes alive at the crack of dawn. His intent was to show her around without the excessive hustle and bustle swarming around.

                           Of course, he didn’t want to rush her but he did want to arrive promptly. What if she doesn’t want to come? A frown etched upon his face as he thought deeper into the question. What if this was considered an obligation to her? He had no intent on forcing her to do something she didn’t wish to participate in. Was he coming on too forward?

                          What?! No! “I have to be over thinking this.” he muttered under his breath, weaving a hand through his thick waves. Pacing back and forth, beside the carriage, he kept making little glances at the doors that were still shut tight.

                            Halting his steady pace, he proceeded to smack his cheek. “Okay, come on. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up!” he reprimanded himself, wavering away the drowsiness.

                         ”Eric!” the sailor prince leaped forward, startled at the sudden shout from up above. His head whirled around to see Carlotta and Grimsby looking down on him from the balcony. The head maid hid her wide smile with white apron while the aged adviser glowered sternly at the young adolescent prince. Eric gulped, bringing his gaze down to his leather, black boots.

                          “I’m not even going to question your preposterous antics but I wish to inform you that Princess Ariel stands right in front of you.”

                         Eric felt his heart plummet to the bottom of his stomach, his pupils dilating and his cheeks aflame. The red haired maiden did indeed stand directly in front of him. Clearing his throat, and mustering all of the courage he stored deep inside, he strode up to her.

                       ”Sorry you had to see that.” he apologized, a sheepish smirk brimming on the corner’s of his lips. “It’s just uh-” he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, diverting his eyes to the cobblestone ground. “something I do to wake myself up.” a breathless chuckle escaped his lips, exposing his pearly white teeth. His pale blue orbs meet her sea blue irises. He realized that he was entranced by the little twinkle in her eyes. Offering her his hand to her; he asked her politely, “Ready for the grand tour?”  

"Rise and shine, dear!"

Ariel squinted her eyes even tighter and flipped over in her bed, silently groaning to herself. Why do Daddy’s assistants always have to come wake us up so early? Why can’t we ever just sleep in for once?

Unmoving, Ariel tried to make it seem like she was still asleep; hopefully, her sisters wouldn’t rat her out. As she said a silent prayer in the hopes of getting a few more minutes of rest, she soon felt hands on her shoulders, gently shaking her. She resisted for a moment before finally giving in, turning to see who had awoken her. When she blinked her bright blue eyes a few times, she saw Carlotta giving her a gentle smile, and that’s when her entire mood brightened.

She quickly sat forward and grinned in return, suddenly feeling completely awake. She wiggled her toes under the blankets and felt her smile grow wider. It wasn’t a dream! I really am human! And Eric.. She gasped. He’s taking me on a tour of the kingdom today!

Carlotta was trying to inform Ariel of the day’s schedule, but Ariel hardly heard her as she scurried out of bed - stumbling only for a moment - and rushed over towards a light blue, casual dress that Carlotta obviously had laid out for her. Snatching it, she clutched it to her body and turned to face Carlotta, who was walking over to her and chuckling slightly. “My, my, my. Well, aren’t you an excited girl today?” She reached into the pocket of her apron, revealing a large blue bow. Gesturing to the dress, she urged, “Come, come, get dressed. We mustn’t make Eric wait too long.” 

Ariel did as she was told, quickly stripping out of the nightdress and putting on the blue dress. It fit perfectly, and Ariel wondered whether it had been another one of Eric’s mother’s or not. She turned around to let Carlotta zip up the dress. “Slip on those black shoes, too. No sense in wearing those silly heels all day.” Ariel looked to the floor for the shoes, and upon spotting them, she gently slipped her feet into them with ease.

Once the dress was zipped, Carlotta forcefully pushed Ariel down into the chair, and with one quick maneuver arranged the bow in her red hair. “My dear, your hair really is quite lovely!” Carlotta complimented. “And what a color!”

Ariel arose from the chair and gave Carlotta a brief smile, resisting the urge to bite her lip. She was practically bouncing on her toes with excitement.

Carlotta chuckled, “Well, I suppose we should go meet Eric. He was up early this morning, so I’m sure he’s ready to go!”

With her words, Ariel speed-walked towards the door, trying to keep her excitement in check. She desperately tried to ignore the thumping of her heart in her chest; she was just too excited!

Again, Carlotta led the way down the staircase, though Ariel knew the way to go now. Before exiting the large wooden doorway that opened to the beach, Carlotta snatched a petite bag from one of the side tables and handed it to Ariel. “You didn’t have a chance to have breakfast, so in case you get hungry, you can have this little breakfast sandwich for later. Now,” she said, pausing to take a breath and pointing towards the doorway. “Go on.”

Ariel leaned over to give Carlotta a quick squeeze before going outside. Immediately, she spotted Eric pacing on the beach, Grimsby standing a few feet behind him. With a bright grin on her face, Ariel practically skipped over to where Eric was standing. Looking up at the castle, she noticed Grimsby and Carlotta watching the scene, and Ariel paused to give them a slight wave of her hand. As she walked closer to Eric, however, he didn’t seem to have noticed her, and she stopped walking, her grin fading a bit, as she was unsure what to do. Awkwardly, she went to tuck her hair behind her ear, out of habit, though of course all of her hair had been pulled back with the bow.

When she heard Grimsby call out Eric from the balcony, Ariel felt her cheeks flush strongly, and she looked down at her feet, biting her lip. Once Eric acknowledged her, however, she looked back up at him, giving him a soft smile. Her previous ecstasy dimmed, and while she was still excited, she was able to keep her emotions in check. Waiting for him to say something, she wished she was able to greet him first. Hi, Eric.

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Maybe he’s right. Maybe there is something the matter with me.
I just don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.

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ariel -  the little mermaid

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Anonymous → What does Ariel like on her toast? Mermalade


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